Tenant Placement

If you want Investors Gurukul help you in renting your property, but want to manage your property yourself, our Finding Tenant Service is the answer.

Tenant Placement

Below is the procedure what we do to get your home rent out.

1. We will market your property

  • listing in the classified section of our website.
  • We will put TOLET banner on the site.
  • All the agents in that area which have tied up with us will be notified immediately for quick rent out.

You get all the same website exposure, classified advertising, leasing agent attention, and signage as a part and parcel of this service. Intensive, yet controlled marketing can lease your home quickly to quality tenants.

2. You make all the decisions.

We will contact you when we have an application. We will show the property; receive the application; pull credit, rental history, and verify employment; and review the application with you. Since you will be managing the tenant you should be making the decision on who gets approved and the terms of the lease. We will get your authorization in writing and prepare the paperwork, just as you have approved it.

3. We will have the tenant sign a lease naming you (your LLC, Corporation or Land Trust) as the landlord.

You will also get all the tried-and-tested exhibits needed like a pet addendum, roommate addendum, mold disclosure and more.

4. We will do the Move-In Inspection.

We will meet the tenant at the property, document the condition, log the make, model, and color of the appliances, hand over keys, and get the security deposit. You hold their deposit, not Investor Gurukul. We do all this to conform to the Landlord Tenant legalities so you are on solid ground with the law from day one.

5. You get all the original papers and security deposit.

Within 8 days of their move-in you will receive all the signed documents, application, credit report, security deposit and phone numbers. We keep the first month’s rent as our fee.

6. You may be eligible for Investors Gurukul’s collection program if the tenant leaves owing you money.

If the tenant moves out owing you money, you may be eligible for our collection program.

If the tenant renews the lease (or buys the property) you owe us nothing.

Think about it:

  • We do the advertising
  • We show the property
  • We investigate the applicant
  • You get to approve the deal
  • We prepare a lease and exhibits
  • We meet with the tenants to sign all the documents
  • We do the move-in inspection
  • You get the security deposit
  • You get the keys and the contact information
  • You do the management

You get our marketing machine, our leasing staff, our qualifying system, our lease, our forms, our exhibits, and the benefit of our move-in procedures.